Pakistan's Rural Communities Fight Against COVID-19

Appeal for Donation

Join RSPN in Fight Against COVID-19

This is RSPN’s Call for Action for donations to support poor, rural women during these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The RSPN consists of nine Rural Support Programmes (RSPs) that have supported communities to form 394,156 Community Organisations with a membership of 6.9 million. Of these 59 percent members are women. Many of these women manage these Community Organisations that work on micro-level development activities, with an emphasis on the economic uplift of the poorest people in their villages.

This is an opportunity for you to donate generously and reach the poorest households of rural Pakistan, through women’s Community Organisations that have a track record of doing development work. Your donations will support the poorest, rural women to meet their basic, daily needs in these difficult times. They will be used to support poor widows and women-headed households in the villages the RSPs work in.

RSPN encourages you to donate in preset amounts worth PKR 2000, PKR 5000, PKR 10,000 and onwards to make a meaningful contribution to our COVID-19 efforts directed towards the rural communities of Pakistan

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