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Safeguarding Staff and Beneficiaries

Harassment is a behavior, which is unwanted, unreciprocated and offensive to an individual. It may include bullying, intimidation or disparaging behavior, which undermines a person’s dignity causing distress and humiliation to another employee. Harassment takes many forms and can include physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct.

RSPN is a purposeful, value-driven organisation committed to upholding values that create a professional, fair and pleasant work environment for all. RSPN is fully compliant with Pakistan’s Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2010 passed by the country’s Parliament RSPN has adopted the Zero Tolerance for Sexual Harassment Code of Conduct for Employees developed by the Alliance Against Sexual Harassment At the Workplace

RSPN has a Beneficiaries Safeguarding Policy. The Policy emphasises the protection of women, children and vulnerable adults who come in contact with RSPN employees, against exploitation, sexual harassment and abuse, bullying and child abuse.

RSPN has in place mechanisms that ensure the implementation of these Policies and commitments. 

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