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JHPIEGO-RSPN: Project on Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program

Maternal and Child Health Integrated Programme (MCHIP) is USAID’s programme aiming to reduce maternal and child mortality in Pakistan. It is currently working in 15 districts of Sindh. The goal is being achieved through five components to make betterments at both demand and supply ends. One of the components is Service Delivery Programme for MCHIP which RSPN in collaboration of Jhpiego and Thardeep Rural Development Programme (TRDP) is implementing in District Umerkot. The service delivery component started implementing since Feb 2015.

The dedicated team in district Umerkot including all partners Jhpiego (Technical), Save the Children (Mobilization), RSPN(Implementing), TRDP(Operational) have started their interventions in the district and have progressed so far as,

  • Verification and Mapping of 64 Maternal Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH) centers in the district.
  • Signing of Consent Letters with 56 Health Facilities.
  • Facilitation inputs in 2 CEmONC Centers (District Headquarter Hospital and Kunri Christian Hospital) resulting start of C-Section in the DHQ Hospital.
  • 120 Coaching visits (including 64 facility monitoring) visits are being done in the selected facilities by clinical supervisors.
  • On the Job Training (OJT) of 167 Skilled Birth Attendant (SBAs) from Public, Private, Peoples Primary Health Initiative (PPHI) and Community Midwife (CMW) facilities in Infection Prevention.
  • Provision of Infection Prevention Kit to 10 health facilities.
  • Construction of Burial Pits for health waste management in 4 Health facilities.
  • Scale up of services in terms of time at Rural Health Center Dhoronaro & Hyder Farm.
  • Tracking and Assessment of 45 missed CMWs.
  • Formation of 4 Quality Improvement Teams (QITs) extensive Partnership Defined Quality process.
  • Initiated sensitization regarding transportation of pregnant women through mobilization.
  • 111 Transporters have been identified and planned for referral training.
  • District level Training has been conducted for 50 Master Trainers in Support Groups Methodology and Misoprostol.
  • Provincial level TOT of 5 Master Trainers in Support Groups Methodology and Misoprostol.
  • Provincial level TOT of 13 Master Trainers in Implant.
  • Provincial level TOT of 4 Master Trainer in HBB and Diarrhea /Pneumonia.
  • Provincial level TOT of 3 Master Trainer in Chlorhexidine.
  • Provincial level TOT of 8 Master Trainers in BEmONC-I (Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postpartum, and Neonatal Care).
  • Provincial level TOT of 6 Clinical Officers in Implant.
  • Finalized Training Calendar for capacity building of SBAs.
  • Celebrated World Health Day in collaboration with Health Communication Component and District Health Department (DoH).
  • 9 Coordination Meetings with DoH and PPHI.

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