Rural Support Programmes (RSPs) Response to 2022 Heavy Rains and Floods Affected Areas of Pakistan

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USAID-RSPN BAHAAL Project – Emergency Relief and Early Recovery Project for Flood Affectees Across Pakistan

At the end of July, heavy rains triggered both flash floods and riverine floods in several parts of Pakistan, resulting in loss of life, widespread displacement and damage. These floods affected more than 20 million people. In the aftermath of these floods, the American people took an initiative to help the people of Pakistan through the provision of emergency relief and early recovery assistance. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) signed the $8.234 million Bahaal Project with RSPN, to provide emergency relief assistance in 16 districts of the four provinces of Pakistan.

Rural Support Programs Network (RSPN) is implementing the Bahaal Project activities in partnership with the following RSPs:

· National Rural Support Program (NRSP) · Punjab Rural Support Program (PRSP) · Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) · Balochistan Rural Support Program (BRSP) · Sindh Graduate Association (SGA) · Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP)

This project is providing support to74,055 households, totalling 487,292 beneficiaries, through emergency relief and early recovery interventions by providing the following:

Agriculture Inputs and Animal Feed Supplements for Livestock: The Bahaal Project will give assistance to flood affected farmers to recover agriculture-based livelihoods for food security. This will be achieved through provision of agricultural-inputs and animal feed supplements. A total of 29,307 households, representing a population of 192,851 will benefit through this support activity. The agriculture and food security package includes: DAP, urea, wheat seed, cash grant for land preparation, and animal feed supplement (vanda).

Emergency Shelter: The purpose of this support activity is to give immediate access of shelter to flood affectees by providing shelter kits to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). A total of 6,239 households representing a population of 41,053 will benefit through this support activity. These shelter kits include the following items: canvas tarpaulin sheet, bamboo poles and rope.

Transitional Shelter:This shelter was included in the revised Bahaal Plan with a view to provide the flood victims with a relatively more permanent solution to their housing problem. The transitional shelter consists of one room with a covered area of 280 sq ft. Its floor will be made of compacted earth and wheat straw and will have one window and two ventilators for ventilation. A total of 6,879 households are expected to benefit from these shelters which will serve a total population of 45,264. The materials required for these shelters include mud work, mud plaster, door, window, ventilators, plastic sheet, girder, bamboos and sercanda/mate and the beneficiaries are constructing the shelters themselves.

Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Health (WASH) Services: Under this support activity, the flood affectees will have immediate access to potable water and a healthy environment. A total of 20,313 households representing a population of 133,658 are being targeted. This support activity will be achieved through provision of provide the following items: hygiene kits, installation / rehabilitation of hand pumps, jerry cans and water purification tablets. Under this support activity a large cadre of local activists will be trained to improve the health and hygiene conditions in the flood affected areas. These activists will then be able to launch a hygiene campaign in the project area.

Non – Food Items: Keeping in view extreme cold in flood affected areas, Bahaal is providing quilts and cotton mattresses along with pillows for the flood affected families so they can cope with winters. In this regard, a total of 11,317 beneficiaries representing a population of 74,466 are being targeted.