Rural Support Programmes (RSPs) Response to 2022 Heavy Rains and Floods Affected Areas of Pakistan

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COVID-19 Efforts by LSO Tameer-e-Nau Haripur

When it comes to fighting the pandemic, the rural communities of Pakistan are rising up to the challenge. Ms. Saeeda Shah of Local Support Organisation (LSO) Tameer-e-Nau, UC Derwish Haripur shared the progress of their LSO showcasing their hard work to combat COVID-19. She shared that:

  • Awareness/sensitisation campaigns were held by CRPs in all the villages along with the adjacent area of the UC, the target of each CRP was to conduct at least 4-5 sessions in their areas and complete the 80% households in the village. About 900 households were covered under this campaign
  • The LSO distributed 450 packages of (Masks, Gloves, and Sanitisers) – donated by local philanthropists
  • The LSO assisted the deserving families in data uploading in Prime Minister’s Ehsaas Programme
  • 50 Women received PKR 600,000/- under PM’s Ehssas Programme @ PKR 12000/- each
  • The LSO distributed 50 Medical Kits among deserving families – donated by Qarshi Industries Hattar
  • The LSO distributed 250 ration packages among the deserving families – donated by different local philanthropists in the UCs
  • They distributed cash of PKR 150,000/- among 25 families – local philanthropists

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