Pakistan's Rural Communities Fight Against COVID-19

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LSO members and CRPs held meeting for household level awareness on COVID-19

An empowered and organised community is the first line of defense in the face of unexpected events. This belief was demonstrated by the organised communities under the European Union in Pakistan supported BRACE Programme in Balochistan. With the COVID-19 pandemic looming on the horizon, community organisations with support from NRSP, implemented the “safety and prevention” component for the local community. The following has been arranged so far: 1. LSO members and CRPs held meeting for household level awareness on COVID-19 under BRACE Programme in Kech District. 2. After the consultations, CRPs under BRACE Programme started household level awareness on COVID-19 and preventive measure like hand washing with soap, using hand sanitizer wearing facial mask and practicing social distancing. 3. Due to the shortage of facial protective masks in the local markets, women took the responsibility to stitch the required masks at home. These masks have been made available to the local community now. 4. PIU Turbat at NRSP also held an awareness raising session with its staff on COVID-19, hand washing methods, homemade masks and homemade hand-sanitizers.

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