Pakistan's Rural Communities Fight Against COVID-19

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Pakistan’s Rural Communities Fight COVID-19

The Rural Support Programmes Network and it’s partner RSPs are working with the local governments and other international donors to undertake numerous activities in order to raise awareness against COVID-19, in a bid to reduce the spread of the virus in the rural communities such as;

  • RSPs have a large, national outreach having presence in 149 out of total 156 districts of the country. Since inception, RSPs have mobilised over 8.4 million rural households (with an estimated population of about 54 million) into a network of 498, 200 community institutions of the people.
  • RSPs are actively working on anti-COVID-19 response with communities in 126 districts across Pakistan, in 2,983 union councils through involvement of 69,454 community institutions, with a membership of 1 million people. The response activities are ongoing in all provinces, Gilgit-Baltistan and AJK in close collaboration with the government authorities.
  • Working closely with Community Institutions to address the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. This network provides an ideal outreach to rural communities, particularly in remote, rural Pakistan.
  • RSPs are facilitating links between government and rural communities. RSPs and community activists are present on numerous provincial, district, tehsil and union council committees, in order to assist government in identifying the poorest households eligible for zakat, food rations, etc.
  • RSPs are encouraging communities to help the most needy households amongst them. This is true self help and community philanthropy. We see it in hundreds of villages across Pakistan – members of Community Institutions buying rations, using their own saving or collecting funds to feed the poorest in their villages
  • RSPs are relaying critical messages to communities in villages and in some cities and towns regarding social distancing, hand washing with soap, staying home to stay safe during the current national lockdown. Messages in rural areas are being spread mainly through community institutions, via phone messages created for this purpose, through community activists and restricted meetings between RSP staff and activists, strictly observing social distancing. In towns RSPs have put up banners for messaging and are using loudspeakers to convey these
  • RSPs are working closely with community activists in taking safety messages to communities. These activists are providing hygiene kits, where funds are available. Kits consist of soap, masks including cloth masks in some areas, stitched by women who were trained in vocational skills by the RSPs) and sanitizer
  • RSPs are facilitating the private sector and philanthropists by identifying the most needy households, to provide food, cash grants

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RSP Response To Covid-19 Pandemic In Pakistan

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